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Return to the Faith of Ang Dating Daan [ADD] Preacher

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on April 3, 2008

Mr. Angeles Apin, former ADD preacher
Through the grace of the Holy Spirit my posting has finally resumed after four days of slumber due to failure of our internet server to provide service. Here in Sorsogon the company providing the service, Digitel, is still so antiquated; it still relies on wirings for connections. Unfortunately, thieves frequently cut those wire and in effect we are also frequently deprived of internet connections. Imagine, Digitel only has one line to rely on; once that line malfunctions then the entire city suffers. May the Lord grant them the grace to establish an alternative line so that in case of emergency they can switch to another as soon as possible.
Anyway, so much for that!
Last Saturday September 1, 2007 our religious program The Splendor of the Church has finally presented to the public the much expected convert or revert to the Catholic Faith. For several days his identity was kept top secret but now he courageously revealed himself. He is Mr. Angeles Apin, a Sorsoganon who left the Catholic Church way back the early 80’s to join the charismatic movements, then he was baptized to the Iglesia ni Cristo [INC] and later, in 1989 he converted to Iglesia ng Dios, Haligi at Suhay ng Katotohanan or more popularly known as Ang Dating Daan [ADD].

from left to right, Mr. Apin, Ms. Tess de Ramon [co-host] & Fr. Abe [host]

As a member of ADD, Mr. Apin stayed at Apalit, Pampanga and was personally trained by Mr. Eliseo Soriano together with other young men to be ADD preacher. Mr. Apin graduated with flying colors in that training and was sent to Bulacan, Rizal and the Bicol region to preach, teach, train new recruits and debates pastors of other faith for ADD.

The guy is highly educated and fluent in Bicol, Filipino and English. He served as radio host for several years, local radio and TV manager and now an instructor in Electronics Technology.

Mr. Apin or Kapatid na Obeth [Bro. Obeth] showing his ADD I.D. bearing the personal signature of Mr. Eliseo Soriano [ADD’s head minister]

Bro. Obeth’s eloquence, oratorical skills, self-confidence and knowledge of the Word of God are living manifestation that his testimony is true. Even his intonation attests that the guy was truly a disciple of Soriano. He knows a lot of inside info about the group and knowledgeable in the who’s who of the organization. Moreover, he strengthened his credentials with documents and photos showing his close relations with the top echelons of ADD. Those documents and photos were shown on TV and were focused on camera. But, sadly they cannot be posted here yet at this point in time.

He also gave us a taste of his apologetic skills when he shared to the viewers how to refute the doctrines of the INC, the Born Again, the Baptists, Jehova Witnesses and Mormons by refuting their main doctrines the ADD way.

On the other hand, Bro. Obeth sincerely stated that at this point in time he is still not fully prepared to explain the Doctrines of the Catholic Faith and asked Fr. Abe to explain to him the doctrines of Necessity of Baptism, Original Sin, Infant Baptism and others. What is great is that he expressed his eagerness to know the Catholic Faith and to learn Catholic Apologetics. I assure you that I will personally handle his studies of the faith, not only on Biblical foundation of the Catholic Faith but also of the Catholic Morals and the History of the Church, with care.

Since he expressed already his willingness to share his time and talents for The Splendor of the Church we will still invite him from time to time especially when we are answering the attacks of other religions against the Catholic Faith and also to reveal to Catholics the defects of the teachings and doctrines of these sects.

Yesteday’s program was only the opening salvo. In fact, it was a mere interview about his journey of faith from charismatic, Jesus is Lord of Eddie Villanueva, INC and ADD to the Roman Catholic Church. More will be coming from him.
I requested Bro. Obeth to write a summary of his conversion story by request of my good friend Bro. Henry Siy, owner of the best Catholic bookstore in Metro Manila TOTUS BOOKSTORE and head of DEFENSORES FIDEI FOUNDATION [DFF], the most active Catholic apologetic group in the Philippines. With joy in my heart I am blessed to say that I am an associate member of DFF and one of its seminar speakers – a great honor for me since among the members of its stable of apologists, I am the least qualified. The DFF site can be visited in this blog’s apologetic website links but for a shortcut, here it is .
Once Bro. Obeth finished his short biography I will post the general information here. Also, at the end of this month, he will be back in the program in order to explain in detail the doctrinal reasons why he abandoned the ADD. Abangan!
It is really a great blessing from the Lord to hear him give his personal testimony. Actually, for the past 2 years I have met people, either in the confessionary or during personal encounters, telling that they are former members of other sects who returned to the Catholic Church. But, Mr. Apin is the only one among many who had the courage to approach me personally to testify for his Journey Home. Those that I had invited declined but this one personally came to offer himself. God loves a cheerful giver!
At this point in time, Bro. Obeth and his wife are asking me to prepare their Church wedding and the Baptism of their children. His decision to go open was not easy. The guy was teary eyed most of the time in the 2 hour long duration of the program. He knew that many family members who are still members of ADD will be hurt by his move. For sure this will create friction and tension in their relationships but after weighing the pros and cons he decided to go on.
Let us praise the Lord for His great love is without end. Let us praise the Holy Spirit the only One who can genuinely convert and transform human hearts. Let us praise the Father Almighty for making us His children.
May the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen-Mother, guide and support, uphold and protect Bro. Obeth and his family. May the Lord continuously bless The Splendor of the Church and the Defensores Fidei Foundation for the Glory of His Name. Amen.
St. Gregory the Great, intercede for us! St. Michael, the Archangel, please be at our side! Amen!

18 Responses to “Return to the Faith of Ang Dating Daan [ADD] Preacher”

  1. kawawang Obeth galing na sa maling ADD,napunta pa ulit sa maling Iglesia.

  2. G-one said

    Hay, nako, si Henry arganda.. nag mamayabang, takot humarap sa amin ng Debate…

  3. Br. Joseph said

    Mr. Henry, If you think the ADD is an error and the church to where mr. Obeth belongs now is also false, who do you think is the real church? Yours? I doubt because there are countless people who claim that their church is the real one but the one that founded them are mere human beings and base only on a phrase or lines in the bible not on the whole truth of the Bible itself. May God gives you the light.

    • R.A. said

      Br. Joseph… are you looking for the true church? The answer is the Catholic Church because the books in the NT were written by the Greeks who called themselves Catholics. The Church of God in the bible is identifiable with the Catholics meaning “universal or international” in comparison of the dominant religion at that time which is Judaism. Judaism in Israel at that time was only confined in the 12 tribes which was known as the House of Israel. When the books of the NT were written by the Greeks the words used as the House of Israel was changed to Church of God.

      I would like to say that MCGI is adding the word “international” to their church to denote that they are also catholics.

  4. babylab said

    thank you po br. joseph, God bless us all

  5. ohohn said

    nice source of information I am convert and married to philippino keep up good work and make easy for any english speaking person to get bible references

  6. Bro Noel said

    Hi Ohohn,
    Hope this web will help you in learning the truth and to the true church which Jesus Christ(GOD) founded.
    Bro Noel

  7. Calafalas said

    as I read the articles, i fully understand that the word catholic is in the bible and it is only in its common term which is universal. my tanong po ako sa mga INC bkit nka lista sila sa Dept of trade eh and sabi sa bibliya no power on earth and hell shall prevail on it(church)… Ang turo niyo ay si cristo ay isa lamang tao pero ang banggit niyo sa kanya ay “panginoong hesucristo” na ngalan ng diyos lamang ito ginagamit. Isa pa bkit niyo pinagbabawal ang pag basa ng bibliya sa inyong mga kamiyembro at ministro lamang ang humahawak nito? ito ba ay totoo?

  8. I have just finished reading your published arguments about the pope. I am a Seventh-day Adventist and grew up in this church. For many years, I had been so critical with the Catholic for their beliefs.

    This time, I think i have to be really careful about what I say against this the catholic faith fo i don’t fully know why and how they came up with those doctrines.

    However, in spite of the enlightenment that i got from your website, I will still remain a Seventh-day Adventist for this is the church that I believe teaches the doctrine of the Bible, not from any man-made, fabricated, self-reasoned out arguments that are half-supported or shallowly-based from the Bible.

    But I salute the catholic defenders for this wonderful website.

  9. wilbert said

    grabe ang natutunan mo mga paninira… sayang lang po binigay sayong talino. magbago ka na po…

    • Mr.Faith said

      Hindi sayang ang natutunan nya dahil tulad sya ng isang taong kumakatok sa aming pintuan at pinagbubuksan namin sya.. at huwag mo syang sabihang magbago bagkus baguhin mo muna sarili mo.

  10. X-ADD052209 said

    Amen to this article. Bro. Angeles is not the last one who left the ADD and join the Catholic Church.

    Patuloy ang pag-alis ng maraming miembro ni Soriano at ni Razon at hindi na dumadalo sa pagsamba at pasalamat nila.

    Let’s pray na magpatuloy ang exodus ng mga members nila.

    • Mr.Faith said

      Tama po kayo, dahil napapansin ko rin po dito sa local ng mga dating daan dito sa barangay sapang-bato dati marami po silang nag aatend sa pagsamba ngayon tila pabawas na ng pabawas… salamat sa Diyos ang aming kapit bahay ng dating ADD bumalik sa pagiging katoliko at Miyembro sya ng Couples For Christ. To GOD Be The Glory!!!! LAUS DEO SEMPER!!

  11. Bro. Oggie said

    I praise God for Bro. Obeth’s decision. Can he be invited to give talks and testimony at prayer meetings?

  12. Bro Noel said

    Bro Oggie,
    Kindly address your query to Fr. Abe Arganiosa on his blog The Splendor of the Church. I am sure he can give you info about Obeth’s conversion and availability.

  13. Edz Ebreo said

    Praise be to God! Our church is truly the church that Jesus built and stewarded by the Apostles. Walang sugo ang papalit kay Hesus. Kahit kabisado ni Eli Soriano ang bawat sulok ng Bibliya at sinasabing sila ang tunay na iglesia… Ang ating Iglesia ang tunay na kinanalugdan ng Diyos mula pasimula.

    • Mr.Faith said

      Tama po ang sinabi nyo kapatid, ako po ay katoliko at isang tagapag tanggol din ng ating Banal na IGLESIA… sapagkat sa puso at isipan ko ako ay nasa tama at nasa DIYOS sapagkat ang Iglesia ng Diyos tayo.

  14. jojo zara said


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