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The Pirated Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) in the Philippines

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on April 3, 2008

The Pirated Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) in the Philippines


The Iglesia ni Cristo (Tagalog, “Church of Christ“) claims to be the true Church established by Christ. Felix Manalo, its founder, proclaimed himself God’s prophet. Many tiny sects today claim to be the true Church, and many individuals claim to be God’s prophet. What makes Iglesia ni Cristo different is that it is not as tiny as others.

Since it was founded in the Philippines in 1914, it has grown to more than two hundred congregations in sixty-seven countries outside the Philippines, including an expanding United States contingent. The Iglesia keeps the exact number of members secret, but it is estimated to be between three million and ten million worldwide. It is larger than the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a better known sect (which also claims to be Christ’s true Church). Iglesia is not better known, despite its numbers, because the majority of Iglesia’s members are Filipino. Virtually the only exceptions are a few non-Filipinos who have married into Iglesia families.

The organization publishes two magazines, Pasugo and God’s Message, which devote most of their energies toward condemning other Christian churches, especially the Catholic Church. The majority of the Iglesia’s members are ex-Catholics. The Philippines is the only dominantly Catholic nation in the Far East, with eighty-four percent of its population belonging to the Church. Since this is its largest potential source of converts, Iglesia relies on anti-Catholic scare tactics as support for its own doctrines, which cannot withstand biblical scrutiny. The Iglesia tries to convince people of its doctrines not by proving they are right, but by attempting to prove the Catholic Church’s teachings are wrong.

Is Christ God?

The Catholic teaching that most draws Iglesia’s fire is Christ’s divinity. Like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Iglesia claims that Jesus Christ is not God but a created being.

Yet the Bible is clear: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). We know Jesus is the Word because John 1:14 tells us, “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” God the Father was not made flesh; it was Jesus, as even Iglesia admits. Jesus is the Word, the Word is God, therefore Jesus is God. Simple, yet Iglesia won’t accept it.

In Deuteronomy 10:17 and 1 Timothy 6:15, God the Father is called the “Lord of lords,” yet in other New Testament passages this divine title is applied directly to Jesus. In Revelation 17:14 we read, “They will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for he is Lord of lords and King of kings.” And in Revelation 19:13–16, John sees Jesus “clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. . . . On his thigh he has a name inscribed, King of kings and Lord of lords.”

The fact that Jesus is God is indicated in numerous places in the New Testament. John 5:18 states that Jewish leaders sought to kill Jesus “because he not only broke the Sabbath but also called God his Father, making himself equal with God.” Paul also states that Jesus was equal with God (Phil. 2:6). But if Jesus is equal with the Father, and the Father is a God, then Jesus is a God. Since there is only one God, Jesus and the Father must both be one God—one God in at least two persons (the Holy Spirit, of course, is the third person of the Trinity).

The same is shown in John 8:56–59, where Jesus directly claims to be Yahweh (“I AM”). “‘Your father Abraham rejoiced that he was to see my day; he saw it and was glad.’ The Jews then said to him, ‘You are not yet fifty years old, and you have seen Abraham?’ Jesus said to them, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.’ So they took up stones to throw at him; but Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple.” Jesus’ audience understood exactly what he was claiming; that is why they picked up rocks to stone him. They considered him to be blaspheming God by claiming to be Yahweh.

The same truth is emphasized elsewhere. Paul stated that we are to live “awaiting our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ” (Titus 2:13). And Peter addressed his second epistle to “those who have obtained a faith of equal standing with ours in the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 1:1).

Jesus is shown to be God most dramatically when Thomas, finally convinced that Jesus has risen, falls down and exclaims, “My Lord and my God!” (John 20:28)—an event many in Iglesia have difficulty dealing with. When confronted with this passage in a debate with Catholic Answers founder Karl Keating, Iglesia apologist Jose Ventilacion replied with a straight face, “Thomas was wrong.”

God’s Messenger?

A litmus test for any religious group is the credibility of its founder in making his claims. Felix Manalo’s credibility and, consequently, his claims, are impossible to take seriously. He claimed to be “God’s messenger,” divinely chosen to re-establish the true Church which, according to Manalo, disappeared in the first century due to apostasy. It was his role to restore numerous doctrines that the Church had abandoned. A quick look at Manalo’s background shows where these doctrines came from: Manalo stole them from other quasi-Christian religious sects.

Manalo was baptized a Catholic, but he left the Church as a teen. He became a Protestant, going through five different denominations, including the Seventh-Day Adventists. Finally, Manalo started his own church in 1914. In 1919, he left the Philippines because he wanted to learn more about religion. He came to America, to study with Protestants, whom Iglesia would later declare to be apostates, just like Catholics. Why, five years after being called by God to be his “last messenger,” did Manalo go to the U.S. to learn from apostates? What could God’s messenger learn from a group that, according to Iglesia, had departed from the true faith?

The explanation is that, contrary to his later claims, Manalo did not believe himself to be God’s final messenger in 1914. He didn’t use the last messenger doctrine until 1922. He appears to have adopted the messenger doctrine in response to a schism in the Iglesia movement. The schism was led by Teogilo Ora, one of its early ministers. Manalo appears to have developed the messenger doctrine to accumulate power and re-assert his leadership in the church.

This poses a problem for Iglesia, because if Manalo had been the new messenger called by God in 1914, why didn’t he tell anybody prior to 1922? Because he didn’t think of it until 1922. His situation in this respect parallels that of Mormonism’s founder Joseph Smith, who claimed that when he was a boy, God appeared to him in a vision and told him all existing churches were corrupt and he was not to join them, that he would lead a movement to restore God’s true Church. But historical records show that Smith did join an inquirer’s class at an established Protestant church after his supposed vision from God. It was only in later years that Smith came up with his version of the “true messenger” doctrine, proving as much of an embarrassment for the Mormon church as Manalo’s similar doctrine does for Iglesia.

Iglesia Prophesied?

A pillar of Iglesia belief is that its emergence in the Philippines was prophesied in the Bible. This idea is supposedly found in Isaiah 43:5–6, which states, “Fear not, for I am with you; I will bring your offspring from the east, and from the west I will gather you; I will say to the north, ‘Give up,’ and the south, ‘Do not withhold; bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the end of the earth.’”

Iglesia argues that in this verse, Isaiah is referring to the “far east” and that this is the place where the “Church of Christ” will emerge in the last days. This point is constantly repeated in Iglesia literature: “The prophecy stated that God’s children shall come from the far east” (Pasugo, March 1975, 6).

But the phrase “far east” is not in the text. In fact, in the Tagalog (Filipino) translation, as well as in the original Hebrew, the words “far” and “east” are not even found in the same verse, yet the Iglesia recklessly combine the two verses to translate “far east.” Using this fallacious technique, Iglesia claims that the far east refers to the Philippines.

Iglesia is so determined to convince its followers of this “fact” that it quotes Isaiah 43:5 from an inexact paraphrase by Protestant Bible scholar James Moffatt that reads, “From the far east will I bring your offspring.” Citing this mistranslation, one Iglesia work states, “Is it not clear that you can read the words ‘far east’? Clear! Why does not the Tagalog Bible show them? That is not our fault, but that of those who translated the Tagalog Bible from English—the Catholics and Protestants” (Isang Pagbubunyag Sa Iglesia ni Cristo, 1964:131). The Iglesia accuses everyone else of mistranslating the Bible, when it is Iglesia that is taking liberties with the original language.

The Name Game

Iglesia points to its name as proof it is the true Church. They argue, “What is the name of Christ’s Church, as given in the Bible? It is the ‘Church of Christ.’ Our church is called the ‘Church of Christ.’ Therefore, ours is the Church Christ founded.”

Whether or not the exact words “Church of Christ” appear in the Bible is irrelevant, but since Iglesia makes it an issue, it is important to note that the phrase “Church of Christ” never once appears in the Bible.

The verse Iglesia most often quotes on this issue is Romans 16:16: “Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ greet you ” (Pasugo, November 1973, 6). But the phrase in this verse is “churches of Christ.” And it’s not a technical name. Paul is referring to a collection of local churches, not giving an organizational name.

To get further “proof” of its name, Iglesia cites Acts 20:28: “Take heed therefore . . . to feed the church of Christ which he has purchased with his blood” (Lamsa translation; cited in Pasugo, April 1978). But the Lamsa translation is not based on the original Greek, the language in which the book of Acts was written. In Greek, the phrase is “the church of God” (tan ekklasian tou Theou) not “the church of Christ” (tan ekklasian tou Christou). Iglesia knows this, yet it continues to mislead its members.

Even if the phrase “church of Christ” did appear in the Bible, it would not help Iglesia’s case. Before Manalo started his church, there were already groups calling themselves “the Church of Christ.” There are several Protestant denominations that call themselves Church of Christ and use exactly the same argument. Of course, they aren’t the true Church for the same reason Iglesia isn’t—because they were not founded by Christ.

Did Christ’s Church Apostatize?

The doctrines upon which all Iglesia’s other doctrines depend is its teaching that Christ’s Church apostatized in the early centuries. Like Mormonism, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other fringe groups, Iglesia asserts that the early Christian Church suffered a total apostasy. It believes in “the complete disappearance of the first-century Church of Christ and the emergence of the Catholic Church” (Pasugo, July-Aug. 1979, 8).

But Jesus promised that his Church would never apostatize. He told Peter, “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18). If his Church had apostatized, then the gates of hell would have prevailed against it, making Christ a liar.

In other passages, Christ teaches the same truth. In Matthew 28:20 he said, “I am with you always even until the end of the world.” And in John 14:16, 18 he said, “And I will pray to the Father, and he will give you another Counselor, to be with you forever … I will not leave you desolate.”

If Iglesia members accept the apostasy doctrine, they make Christ a liar. Since they believe Jesus Christ is not a liar, they are ignoring what Christ promised, and their doctrine contradicts Scripture.

They are, however, fulfilling Scripture. While Jesus taught that his Church would never apostatize, the Bible does teach that there will be a great apostasy, or falling away from the Church. Paul prophesies: “[Do not] be quickly shaken in mind or excited . . . to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come, unless the rebellion [Greek: apostasia] comes first” (2 Thess. 2:2–3); “Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by giving heed to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons” (1 Tim. 4:1); and, “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own liking, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths” (2 Tim. 4:3–4). By falling away from the Church, members of Iglesia are committing precisely the kind of apostasy of which they accuse the Catholic Church.

The Bible tells us in 1 John 4:1: “Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” Was Felix Manalo a true prophet? Is his church the “true Church?” If we test the claims of Iglesia ni Cristo, the answer is apparent. His total apostasy doctrine is in flat contradiction to Christ’s teaching. There is no way that Iglesia ni Cristo can be the true Church of Christ.


37 Responses to “The Pirated Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) in the Philippines”

  1. jerson said

    nice and convincing explanation,enough to convince the INC converts to reflect in their present setuation.

    Would you mind to send me more articles in their pasugo related on true church,to be used for debate.

    Pro Deo Et Ecclesia

  2. jerson said

    jerson Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 5, 2008 at 10:16 am
    nice and convincing explanation,enough to convince the INC converts to reflect in their present setuation.

    Would you mind to send me more articles in their pasugo related on true church,to be used for debate.

    Pro Deo Et Ecclesia

  3. dhugz said

    Sana ilabas din ninyo dito kung pano nagiging bias, pano namumulitika, pano ginagamit ang power ng INC kontra sa mga kaaway nito, pano nito gustong imanipulate ang katotohanan sa mga korte atbp. Dahil madami akong nabasa tungkol sa kaabusuhan ng mga pamunuan ng Iglesia ni Cristo Ni Manalo

    • Calafalas said

      alam mo may nag sabi sakin na ,talagang totoo po ito, ginagamit ng INC ang kasal pra umakit ng miyembro. may babae(mayaman) na katoliko at gusto niyang ikasal sa simbahan ngunit ung lalake gusto sa INC dhil sa pag ibig sumang-ayon ung babae pro mag kalipas ng ilang buwan di na makaali alis ung babae at yung lalake nmn malayang nakikisalamuha sa ibang babae…d po ba mali yun…diyos ko grbe tlga ang mga INC pti pag-ibig ginagamit nila

  4. Gino said

    A very nice apology indeed.

    I’ve seen the INC’s “Ang Tamang Daan” and I find them quite offensive. Their abusing their freedom of religion and speech. By becoming so sharp tongued, they become so un-christian. A real Christian never blames others ,in fact – they pray for those who oppress them. The INC just revived the old-time heresy ,Arianism. Mainstream Christians should try their best to evade the teachings of this church.

    A teacher could tell if the students are misbehaving and lying. And they are!

  5. Dodge said

    Wala tayong mababasa na si Ginoong Felix Manalo ang siyang tinutukoy na “Ravenous Bird” sa book of Isaiah 46:11, at ito’y kay King Cyrus lamang ng Persia at ang point of origin ng talatang iyan ay ang Jerusalem ng Israel.

    • catholicfaithdefender said

      Bro Doge,

      Musta kana kaibigan!!!! Ang tagal kong nakabalik sa internet kasi na-lay-off ako
      sa pinapasokan ko…

      Salamat sa Comento ko!!!!

      Tama ka na si Cyrus ang Isa. 46:11….

      • johnric said

        Let’s analyze Isaiah 46:11 using the NIV.

        From the east I summon a bird of prey;
        from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose.
        What I have said, that will I bring about;
        what I have planned, that will I do.

        ang sabi, from the east i summon a bird of prey. literal na bird of prey ba ito? Hindi. kasi, siya rin ung tinutukoy na ‘a man to fulfill my purpose.’ Saan manggagaling ang tao na itinulad ang gawain sa ibong mandaragit? from the east, from a far-off land. sa silangang malayong lupain. Persia ba iyan? Hindi. sa Hebreo, ang silangang tinutukoy ay ‘mizrach.’

        The Hebrew term kedem properly means that which is before or in front of a person, and was applied to the east form the custom of turning in that direction when describing the points of the compass, before, behind, the right and the left representing respectively east, west, south and north. (Job 23:8,9) The term as generally used refers to the lands lying immediately eastward of Palestine, viz., Arabia, Mesopotamia and Babylonia; on the other hand mizrach is used of the far east with a less definite signification. (Isaiah 42:2,25; 43:5; 46:11) from the Smith’s Bible Dictionary.

        Ang mizrach kapag ginamit ay tumutukoy sa MALAYONG SILANGAN. Kaya nga, nang isalin ni G. James Moffatt ang Biblia, sa Isaiah 43:5, ang ginamit ay FAR EAST. Ang Persia ba ay nasa Far East? Hindi ba”t nasa Near East iyun?

        Ano ba ang gawain ng tao na itinulad sa ibong mandaragit? “Na tumatawag ng ibong mandaragit mula sa silanganan, ng taong gumagawa ng aking payo mula sa malayong lupain…” (Bibliang Tagalog). Payo ng Diyos ang gagawin ng taong iyon na ang tinutukoy ay ang “katwiran ng Diyos” (Awit 107:11) na siyang ebanghelyo (Romans 1:16-17). Samakatuwid, mangangaral ng ebanghelyo ang taong hinuhulaan sa Isaiah 46:11.

        Alin ang katuparan ng hinuhulaan na malayong silangan? ang Pilipinas ay bansang nasa Far East.

        Sino ang kinatuparan ng taong itinulad sa ibong mandaragit na ang gawain ay ipangaral ang ebanghelyo, na ang dakong pagmumulan ay Malayong Silangan? Ang kapatid na Felix Manalo.

        Acts 20:28

        Totoong Church of God ang nakasulat, maging sa KJV at sa iba pang salin. Pero bakit preferred ang Lamsa? Dahil ba sa umayon na ito sa aming paniniwala? Hindi.

        Ang paraan ng interpretasyon ng Biblia ay pagwawangis ng mga bagay na espiritual (I Cor. 2:13). Dapat ay walang salungatan sa mga ito. Ayon sa talatang Acts 20:28, ang Iglesia ng Diyos ay tinubos ng kaniyang dugo. Ang Diyos ba ay may dugo? Wala, sapagkat ang Diyos ay Espiritu (Juan 4:24) at ang isang espiritu ay walang laman at buto (Lucas 24:39). Sino ba ang nagsagawa ng pagtubos sa Iglesia? Hindi ba’t ang Panginoong Jesucristo ang namatay sa krus para tubusin ang Iglesia? Kaya nga sa saling NIV ang nakasulat sa Romans 16:16 ay churches of Christ. mga iglesia ni Cristo. Si Cristo ang may-ari ng Iglesia na kaniyang tinubos, dahil siya ang ulo nito (Eph. 5:23; Col. 1:18) at siya ang nagtayo nito (Mat. 16:18). Kaya, marapat lang na Iglesia ni Cristo ang pangalan ng Iglesiang itinatag Niya (Acts 20:28 Lamsa).

        Ginagamit ang talatang Acts 20:28 Lamsa upang patunayan na ang pangalan ng Iglesiang itinatag at tinubos ng dugo ni Cristo ay ang Iglesia ni Cristo. Hindi itinuro kailanman ng Iglesia na KAMI ang tinutukoy sa talatang iyan kundi itinuro kung ano ang tunay na pangalan ng Iglesia.

      • catholicfaithdefender said

        eh kung mababasa ko sa Biblia na ang Far East ay ibang lugar aaminin mo bang kampon ka ni Manalo na anghil na walang langit!!!! at ikaw ay nagkamali,,,,

  6. jheff said

    pwede po ba bago kayo magsalita ng kung ano ano about INC.. na di niyo naman po alam ..
    tignan nyo muna .. suriin nyo muna kung ano tlaga ang nasa loob at aral ng iglesia ni cristo.
    salamat po.

  7. jheff said

    kahit sino naman po .. kahit anong relihiyon mo .. welcome naman po kayo .. sa kahit saang local po ng iglesia ni cristo..

    • catholicfaithdefender said

      Bro Jeff,

      Salamat sa comento mo, alam mo ikaw pa ang mabait na INC-Manalo na nag comento sa aming site…
      At sa ulit maraming salamat sa iyong kabaitan…

      Bro… alam na namin ang mga aral ninyo at hindi na kailangan suriin pa namin ang aral niyo…

      ang totoo niyan ikaw ang kailangan sumuri o mag siyasat sa tunay na aral ng Katoliko, dahil puro lang ataki o mga negatibo ang alam mo tungkol sa Santa Iglesia Catolica dahil yan ang pan doctrina ninyo…

      Bro, wag mung isara ang pintuan ng iyong kaluluwa….

      Sa tingin mo ba totoo ang sinabi ng mga Ministro na Tumalikod ang Unang Iglesia na itinatag ni Cristo???
      Eh ikaw, tanongin mo ang sarili mo kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo:
      Ang mga Ministro ba na nagsasabi na tumalikod o si Cristo na nagsabing Sasamahan Niya ito hanggang sa Katapusan ng Mundo…*Mat. 28:19-20

      Bro, isang cetas lang yan ng Biblia, peru pag bukas ang loob mo na suriin ang katotohanan; ang isang cetas ng Bibliyang gamit ko ay parang isang palito ng posporo na may mumunting ilaw peru ito ang ilaw na mag silbing simula sa tamang aral ni Cristo.


      G-one Paisones

  8. jheff said

    wag naman po kayo magsalita ng di naman totoo. ayan po ang hirap satin eh .. pintas kau ng pintas .. di nyo naman po tlga alam kung ano ang iglesia ni cristo.. hindi po namumulitika ang iglesia at di rin po kami nang aabuso at kung ano2 pa ..
    maharil ang mga nabasa mo po ay isang kasiraan po sa amin ..
    subukan mo pong pumasok o mag suri sa iglesia upang mapatunayan mo po ang kung alin po talaga ang totoo.. kahit sino naman po welcome sa lahat po ng local po ng iglesia ni cristo..
    salamat po..

    • catholicfaithdefender said

      Bro jheff,

      Sa binisaya pa ayaw baliha (Sa tagalog: wag mong baliktarin)…. Kame ba ang namimintas sa inyong mga INC-manalo?? Namimintas ba kami kay Manalo?? Namimintas ba kami sa mga Ministro???

      O baka kayo ang namimintas sa mga Katoliko, Mga Pari at sa Santo Papa….

      Bro, nag umpisa akong bumasa ng Pasugo noong Grade 5 palang ako, at sa nabasa ko puro Pintas lang ang nasaloob nito… Mga aral ng Iglesia Catolica….kaya doon rin mismo isinabi ko sa Sarili ko, eh sino ba ang sumasagot sa mga pintas ng mga INC-manalo??? Wala po akong sagot sa sarili kong tanong kaya, nag desisyon ako na maging isang Catholic Faith Defender para maging tagasagot sa mga ataki ng INC-manalo….

      OO!!! ang pasugo ang Dahilan na akoy naging CFD ngayon…. Kung wala pang nang aaliposta sa Iglesia Catolica, ano na kaya ang buhay ko ngayon???? Kaya Bro. Jeff, wag mong baliktarin….




  9. jheff said


  10. Dave said

    masasabi ko lang ay kulang kayo sa pang-unawa sa biblia..
    yun lang, kahit i-discuss ko naman xenyo di nyo maiintindihan kasi nga kulang kayo sa pag-unawa sa biblia.

  11. sinner said

    I beg you! establish a youtube channel like Saint Michaels media did! to defend THE ONE TRUE FAITH!!! PLS PLS PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Francis Aparente said

    Wla na po akong masasabi Tunay na Dakila ang Simbahan na Itinatag ng Diyos…GOD BLESS PHILIPPINES !!Thank God! that he Love us So much that he made our nation As a Roman Catholic Nation…

    Please help

    Im a member of its a website for the youth and rockers all over the country.It has a forum called Heaven, Hell and Purgatory .. I wish you could help me out with the Criticizing of our Religion …I know im in no position to ask but I believe that your Site and Apologists can help for the wake up call for puzzled catholics and even conversion of the Non believers especially the youth….

    God Bless


    • catholicfaithdefender said

      Dear Bro Francis Aparente,

      Bro, salamat sa comento mo sa aming site, peru wala po kaming pera na
      aming maihahandog sa iyo. Ang tangi naming maialay ay ang taos pusong pagdarasal at
      pagmamahal sa inyong gropo.


      G-one Paisones

  13. […] Submitted on 2009/05/26 at 1:18pm […]

  14. SEEKER said

    Thanks, for believing…. And Can I ask something for you….
    could we stop branding any Church in negative form…..?
    If we want to know the answers for all your questions… the best way I think is to bother your self to ask a minister…. because honestly, the skill of the INC ministers are different as that of INC members…

    And one thing more… don’t moderate the messages who attacked you personally and telling their selves as an INC member, which I know and you know that they are not….. they are just a cult who try to pull down INC. Hayaan mo lang sila diyan, diyan sila masaya eh…..

    minumura nila yung mga ka blog nila din mgpapakilala silang INC which is not true naman…..

    To Catholic Defender….

    Once again it is easy to use such name… so wag sana tayong maniwala na kapag me nagdedefend sa INC eh INC na un…

    Nagmumukha silang Ignorante sa pagsagot, syempre ngpakilala silang INC eh, which is hindi naman di ba…

    I know that you know how ADD attacks INC it’s been decades, na pagmumura at paninira sa INC… pero look at them now… me naaabot ba sila?

    And one thing more can you please elaborate your message in the 2nd paragraph of your message>?
    di ko kc maxaong na gets

    Thanks Quirino ang Catholic Defender



    Kahit ano pa pong sabihin ng ibang tao tungkol sa Iglesia Ni Cristo,ako’y magpapatuloy sa paglilingkod sa aming Panginoong Diyos hanggang sa wakas ng aking buhay.Dito na ako lalagutan ng hininga,mangyari na ang mangyari!!!!

    Palibhasa’y,Iglesia Ni Cristo lamang ang tinubos ng dugo ni Cristo at pinangakuan ng Kaligatasan pagdating ng Araw ng Paghuhukom.

    Mga Kapatid,simula pagkabata ay ako’y Katoliko,pero sobra sobra ang pagpapasalamat ko sa ating Panginoong Diyos at sa ating Panginoong HesuKristo na ako’y hinirang at ibilang sa kawan.

    Madami akong mga pagsusuring ginawa tungkol sa iba’t-ibang relihiyon kabilang na Iglesia Katolika Apostolika Romana,kaya hindi na ako malilinlang ng mga tumutuligsa sa tunay na iglesia,ang Iglesia Ni Cristo.

    Totoo ang sinabi ni Cristo na syang Panginoon ay pinagusig,
    tayo pa kayang kanyang mga alipin nya.

    Hihiramin ko lang po ang sinabi ni Cristo habang sya ay nakapako na sa krus,”Ama,patawarin mo po sila,hindi nila alam ang kanilang ginagawa”.

    Ipinapanalangin ko sa Ama na laging gabayan ang ating kapatid na si Ka Eduardo V. Manalo na siyang ating inaasahan bilang mamamahala sa buong Iglesia.Sana lagi pang pangningningin ng ating Panginoong Diyos ang kanyang mga kamangha-manghang gawa upang mas lalo pang makita ng sanglibutan na ang ating kinaaanibang Iglesia ay totoong sa Diyos.Ipinapanalang in ko din na sana ay hirangin nya din ang mga hindi pa natin kapananampalataya upang magkakasama sama tayo sa tapat at masiglang paglilingkod sa ating Panginoong Diyos.Higit sa lahat ang walang maitutumbas na anupaman,ang pagmamana ng pangako nyang “Bayang Banal”.Purihin ang Diyos.

    Ako nga po pala si

    Kapatid na Jayson V. Canonico
    Lokal ng Sampaloc,Distrito Eslesyastiko ng Metro Manila North
    Sampaloc,Manila Philippines
    You may reach me at +63906-140-1751

  16. Aktibista said

    Marami silang mga PALSONG PAG-AANGKIN at MALAKING PAGKAKAMALI. Tignan niyo ang aklat na akda ni Dr. Tino C. Ruivivar.

    Oo, sa unang tingin ay “tama” ang kanilang doktrina. Ngunit kung talagang sisiyasating maigi, malalaman mo na ang lahat ng mga ito ay MALI, at HIDWA.

    Puro pang-aatake ang ginagawa nila sa tunay na IGLESIA, ang IGLESIA CATOLICA, ngunit lahat ng kanilang mga paratang ay KASINUNGALINGAN.

  17. Aktibista said

    Ah, nakaligtaan ko, ang pamagat ng aking nabanggit na aklat ay “MGA PALSONG PAG-AANGKIN AT MALAKING PAGKAKAMALI NG IGLESIA NI CRISTO”.


  18. Mary Rose Roxas said

    Dear Catholic Defender:

    Do you have anything personal gainst the INC?

    i dont see any logic in your criticisms against the home grown church- Iglesia ni Cristo. Even our Constitution recognizes freedom of religion, so why bother yourself criticising a church which you, in the first place does not truly understand.. are you a bible scholar? may i suggest that you talk to your priest and clarify the matters you are putting on as issues. no religion is perfect. Indeed even the catholic church is guilty of committing acts of atrocities. Have you heard of the Inquisition? You better study your history bro.

    no offense meant but you better study deeper. why dont you just spend your time strengthening your faith instead of criticizing the INC COnverts?

    • catholicfaithdefender said

      Wala po kaming inanakit madam Rose bagkos ang mga PISPIS ni Felix Manalo ang may galit sa mga katoliko!!!!

    • Adriano M Yayong Jr said

      Mary Rose Roxas (neu), ikaw ba ito?

      Si Yayong ito. It seems na sem break ngayon ay i have time to make suri (Pagsusuri) again. ‘Yun ang sabi sa akin ng mga nagdoktrina at mga inc members sa akin na magsuri daw ako. At nagkataon nabuksan ko itong site na ito.

      Hindi ako ministro ni pari to have an authority to interpret matters concerning spiritual concepts. So, all i can share are experiences of mine, which are truly of mine and no one can deny it. it is a living fact, it is my experiences.


      Marami pa ako di alam about catholic and still i’m seeking. I may be bias dahil catholic i was born. But for the sake of others ay i have to hear all sides and make pagsusuri to all of them.


      I heard a lot na rin.

      I don’t know how to say it Mary Rose but I hope this would not offend you but i really heard them. i am hearing words that are put into the mouth of the catholic faith. catholic pa ako Mary Rose. sabi nila that catholics worship mga inukit na imahen. i doubt if it is true, pero sa pagkakaalam ko ay hindi. it is not among the doctrines of the catholic to worship mga inukit na imahen. marami pa about doctrines. but i don’t have authority to discuss those matters.

      Yup, i was an invited dndoktrinahan and i succumbed pero itinaboy ako palabas ng kapilya Mary Rose. ka resty (nov2009) of concepcion marikina knows this. he denies what i’m claiming and settles to a final say that i am not an inc. then i mentioned to him na dndoktrinahan ako, but then he replied na “hindi ka dndktrinahan.” sinagot ko ulit siya nun na “hindi, dndktrinahan ako sa brgy wawa, balagtas, bulacan,” but still sinabi niya na “hindi ka dndktrinahan.”

      ka isaaih (June 2009) of bago bantay qc has of similarity. i may be an invited but they refuses my submission. i wished to be heard but seems they refused to hear. hindi nangyari ung usapan namin at ayaw na nila. kaya sabi ko sa kanya na “sana hindi ako nagkamali na lumapit sa iyo.”

      ka (?) (october 2009), i forgot na the name, of brgy wawa balagtas bulacan. hindi ko na alam kung ano na ang reply sa inilapit ko sa kanya. d ba pag seeking judgment from court ay submission, to surrender one’s self that whatever may be the judgment is what will control. i heard no more reply. tsaka hindi na ako pwede basta-basta na bumalik dun. i received threats na rin dun sa balagtas bulacan. threat against my safety from inc members.

      The issues of the above are about utang.

      I believe in the aral of tupad, tiwala at pagpapahalaga.
      I was born catholic mary rose, un ang tnturo sa amin.
      tupad, tiwala at pagpapahalaga. fairnes, honesty and truthfulness.
      I believe that there is a light if there is truly a light source.
      kapaliwanagan lang hiniling ko mary rose.

      YOUR LETTER “Dear Catholic Defender:” (allow me to react)

      Do you have anything personal gainst the INC?
      >catholic defenders as far as i know is that their task is to defend the catholic faith.

      i dont see any logic in your criticisms against the home grown church- Iglesia ni Cristo.
      >to disapprove or to criticize, i believe, has logic, much more if it has something to do against them.
      >yup, i see criticisms against inc.
      >but i see a lot of criticisms of inc against catholic. that everytime nga na dumadalo ako sa pagsamba ay i heard a lot of it. and i felt outplaced, i have no opportunity to react. it is not proper to disturb the ministers nor to question them in times like that. it is a solemn gathering. i would rather welcome those criticisms in a right time and in a right place. anyway, if that is what a pagsamba is in a solemn gathering, then now i know.
      >fairnes, honesty and truthfulness i believe in.

      Even our Constitution recognizes freedom of religion, so why bother yourself criticising a church which you, in the first place does not truly understand..
      >yup, we have freedom of religion.
      >bother to criticize? likewise. i see criticicms on both sides. but it is just deemed right and proper to criticize if there is a reason to do so.
      >truly understand? understanding others is based on how they make known of their selves. if introducing one’s self has something to do against the other, then it is just deemed just, right and proper to criticize.

      are you a bible scholar?
      >they were thought to defend. thus, they were thought about the bible. they may have somewhat a limited authority, an authority to defend, but they have an authority to such limited authority. sabihin natin na limited lang, but with regards to their limited authority vested upon them ay they a right to do so to defend. some of them studied in seminaries but opted not to be a priest. and they do study continuously. like soldiers, may frontlines, may foot soldiers, may swordsman, may bow and arrow man, and so on, but they are still all soldiers. they all have in common, they all study military.
      >if still a bible scholar is in question in its specialized study, then may i request from whoever are those kinikilala na bible scholars to give me the meaning of “tan ekklasian tou Theou.” I really don’t know its meaning, but it is one of those issues in criticisms. May i also know what “Lamsa Version” is. Why not the religion of that author is what to be followed? If he died in 1975, did he joined inc to be saved? If he joined, then he believed in his version. If he did not, then he does not believe in his version.

      may i suggest that you talk to your priest and clarify the matters you are putting on as issues.
      >they are to defend, anything away from that is not of their authority, but if it is within their authority, then it is right to do so.

      no religion is perfect.
      >Mary Rose i’m afraid that you’re diverting from your faith. That is not what inc teaches. May mga magazine pa nga dito claiming as one. If it is the only way then it is perfect.

      Indeed even the catholic church is guilty of committing acts of atrocities.
      >murders, violence and whatsoever. i also did the similar question to inc but not on questions about atrocoties but only of those experiences of mine(those mentioned above) at nabanggit ko na rin ito sa iba natin na mga kaklase. sagot nila is that acts of individuals should be treated separately as that of the church. wala daw mali sa inc. truly, wala naman talagang mali sa inc gaya ng sabi nila if the context is on the juridical person itself. truly, it is impossible for a juridical person to have a guilty mind. wala siyang sariling pag-iisip, kaya anong mali niya. mens rea or an evil mind is impossible to be established to a juridical person, kaya ano ang mali sa inc. the real problem is on the doctrines, not on the acts of those officers who take advantage of their positions.

      Have you heard of the Inquisition? You better study your history bro.
      >my answer would be the same as above.

      no offense meant but you better study deeper.
      >the catholic defenders. as long as their acts is within their authority to do so then they have the right to defend their catholic faith.

      why dont you just spend your time strengthening your faith instead of criticizing the INC COnverts?
      >catholics have programs in defending their faith as well as strengthening their faith, but the the catholic defenders are to defend the catholic faith. i have some copies of readings. if u wish to have one, i’m willing to share. i already did a lot of sharing na, but there is already this feed in their mind that what not of their ministers are of evil, so they don’t try to listen, read nor try to weigh both sides. at un ay dahil sa aral na aso na kung ano ung isinuka ay kakainin mo pa ba pabaalik? or maging aso ka? i’m glad some tries to, may kasama akong magsuri.


      Is of no use na on my part. Itinaboy na ko papalabas. I wrote to Head Minister Manalo na rin last june 2010 pero until now ay wala pa rin reply.

  19. bonbon said

    tama at naniniwala ako na maling mali ang pag angkin ng iglesia ni cristo salamat at may mga bagay ako na nakita sa ganitong aklat ang mga palsong pag ankin at maling kamalian ng iglesia ni cristo…sana mabasa po ng mga taga i.n.c. yan…para malman nila ang mali ng mga doktrina nila…

  20. Solid Catholic said

    Tama po si catholicfaithdefender hindi po nangaakit ang mga taga iglesia catolica” isang bagay lang para mapatunayan yan” at ito yon” ang catoliko pwede magpakasal kahit sa anong relihiyon meaning were all free, hindi tulad ng iglesia ni kristo na pwede lamang magpakasal ay yung parehong kasapi ng INC, di ba sabi ng diyos lahat tayo ay magkakapatid at lahat tayo ay anak niya so bakit may roong discrimination sa INC? Hindi po ako naninira sa INC tanong ko lang po iyan sa mga taga INC na kung saan sinasabing sila ang tunay at dapat paniwalaan…….. Im a solid catolic!!!!!

  21. Pro-catholic said

    ahahaha, tama..
    piki ang I.N.C
    maraming verse sa bible ang dinideny nila at mali un dba?

  22. Nanood ako ng programa sa tv,.. ang tamang daan.. at sinasabi ng mga ministro ni manalo na sila umano ang tunay na iglesia.. pano nangyari iyon? pero hindi ako naniniwala sa kanila.. idinidiin pa nila na mali di umano ang aral ng Katoliko..,,,, gusto q rin poh na maging isa sa mga tagapagtanggol ng iglesya katolika..

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