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Posted by catholicfaithdefender on April 24, 2008

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Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 20:42:03 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: Please Provide a URL On Some Apologetics Articles
To: “G-one Paisones” <>

No problem brad! All for the service of faith! We are very thankful pa nga that you have been instrumental in spreading the gospel. CFD ba ka? Ang president sa CFD sa Davao si John Diona apil man sa apologia yahoogroup. Naga txt2x pud me. Gusto me maka create ug network of Filipino Apologists diri sa Pilipinas, para mag ilhanay pud tang tanan ba. Ug maka tabang ta sa evangelization ug influence sa mga tao about apologetics. Especially ang mali na pagsabot sa “RESPECT” towards other religion.
Kung united ta ug well-organized, maybe we could work together para maka invite ug mga American Apologists na maka tabang sa atoa. Ang DFF ang nagdala ila Tim Staples ug Steve Ray diri sa Pilipinas. Basig next year, muadto napud si Steve Ray. Kaya keep in touch brad!
I add pud ko sa Yahoomessenger, kung nagachat ka. Ayo2x brad!

G-one Paisones <> wrote:

Hi Brad,


Salamat sa reminders ha, marami pa akong mga na post na walang may ari ng article.
Mag Send nalang ako sa kanila para  magpaalam.
Salamat talaga brad kasi, kung hindi ka nag email sa akin talagang hindi ako magpapaalam, hehehe


Best Regards,

G-one Paisones

Filipino Catholic <> wrote:

Hi Bro.! Gud day!
Bro.,  I talked to Ben Douglass, the author of the article against Soriano and Fr. Abe. I see that you’ve uploaded those materials in your blog.  It’s ok for them to upload their works in your blog. However, I think it is a proper courtesy and ethics to ask them first for their permission. Uploading the works of other people without their permission would tantamount to plagiarizing and violation of the copyright law.
Ben told me it is ok that his work on Ang Dating Daan would remain in your site provided that you put the URL on the article for people to see where the original article is located. For Fr. Abe, he told me, that he’s willing to share his works to all Catholics as possible, especially fellow Catholic Apologists. But he said, you should’ve ask him first before you have uploaded his materials because that would be plagiarizing if done without his permission.
My apology to you Bro. for my mistake. I was just asking you if you could provide the URL on some of the apologetics articles in your blog and not upload them. Fr. said he would be very willing to allow his works to remain in your site but you must first ask his permission and provide the URL for his articles. And for me, I think it is proper we should both apologize for this unintentional mistake. Clearly this is just a case of a simple misunderstanding. No intent to commit a wrong.
Dara diay ang e-mail ni Fr. Abe bro. in case you want to contact him:
Mabait naman si Fr. bro. eh, he’ll understand.
We are all working in the vineyard of the Lord to spread His love to the world through His  Church. I hope this minor incident would not affect our friendship and our bond in Christ. I pray that we can both continue to work together, keep in touch with each other, exchange materials and insights, all for AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM and for the good of His Church.

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