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JOHN. 8:32 “et cognoscetis veritatem et veritas liberabit vos”

John Salza

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on April 24, 2008

Yes, you can cut and paste portions of the segments, but please not

God bless.
John Salza 

G-one Paisones writes: 

> Dear Bro. John, 
>    Good day, Peace 
>     I would Like to ask a permission to upload your articles in our
 blog.  Could we upload your apologetics and other articles that can help
 Pilipino people in apologetics study? 
>    I am a member of Catholic Faith Defender -Cebu Chapter
 Philippines-. I am active in participating a informal debate at freedom park of
 Cebu Philipinnes.  I also teach Catholic Doctrine in Ibo, Lapu-lapu City
>    Thank you very much. 
> Best Regards, 
> G-one Paisones 

One Response to “John Salza”

  1. Ronald N. Que said


    We need help in defending the Catholic Faith in Pasil-Suba, coz meron pong Fourth Watch member dito na ang trip ay mang akit nga mga Bosconian Youth’s. Meron po bang mag volunteer na makipag debate sa kanya, since he is open to an informal debate. Sabi pa nya nakatalo na daw siya ng Catholic Priest, at walang masabi raw sa kanya si Br. Socrates Fernandez ng Cebu.

    Please in the Name of Jesus, please answer my plea. Kindly text me at 0927 67 66 308

    In Mary,

    Ronald N.Que

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