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-Where Did We Get Our Bible?-

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on November 6, 2008

Where Did We Get Our Bible?

By: Bro. Soc C. Fernandez

Catholic Faith Defender

(Catholic Faith Defenders Journal Vol. IV No. 9)

The BOOKS of the Old Testament were written at largely different times and different places. God used different kinds of instruments or instrumental authors. In olden times, there were written by some pseudo religious persons. So there must be an inspired authority that would determine which of the books were really divinely authored by God.

Likewise, in the times of Jesus, there were many spurious books, and there should be a determining factor in recognizing the inspired New Testament books.

That authority that would announce the verdict of which are the genuine or inspired books of the Bible must be infallible and that authority is the true CHURCH founded by Jesus Christ.

“The Council of Trent (1546) Sess. IV declared that all the books at the Old and New Testaments contained in the Catholic Bible were sacred (inspired) and canonical. While, therefore, non-catholic Christian are dependent upon the fallible witness of critical arguments for their canon, Catholics depend upon the divine witness of an infallible teach in Church. The canon solemnly defined by the council of Trent is identified with the list of sacred books promulgated by the Council of Florence (1441), Carthage (397), Laodicea (363), Hormisdas (514-523), Gelasius (494-496) and Pope Damasus (366-384).

“The Deutero-canonical books, called by Protestant apocryphal, were included in these lists. They are Tobias, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach, Baruch and the two books of Machabees, together with the fragments of Esther (10:4, 16:24) and Daniel (3:24, 13:14)”. (The Question Box by Fr. Bertrand Conway Page 62-63).

Without the Catholic Church the world couldn’t have a Bible, because it was the Catholic Church who bothered herself in searching and compiling these books contained in the Bible and determined which books are really inspired by Holy Spirit. This can be done only by a Church which was founded by the infallible God. Thus, His Church must be also infallible regarding the declaration of which books are really genuine. That is the reason Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer said, “We are compelled to concede to the papists, that they have the Word of God, without them we have no bible at all.”


When God sent us His word, He wants that His words shall be understood according to His mind and will. He desires that His words shall be approached by us, with the following:

  1. Humility “God gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6)
  2. Faith and “We believe…. You have the words of eternal life (John 6:68)
  3. Obedience “Blesses are those who hear the word of God and obey it (Luke 11:28)


  1. Be familiar with facts…

Slowly read the passages…

  1. Determine the sense of the passage, whether it is literal or figurative.
  2. View the passage contextually before any interpretation…
  3. Consult the authority (The True Church) if come across difficulty…
  4. Extract from the passage of what is to believe, or concerning faith…
  5. Draw from the passage of what is to be practiced concerning morals…

Then follow the Word of God and share its message to others especially to those who are ignorant as Saint Paul says… “Devote to public reading of the scriptures…preaching…to teaching…watch your life and doctrine closely…preserve in them because if you do, you save both yourself and your hearers” (1 Tim. 4:13-16)


2 Responses to “-Where Did We Get Our Bible?-”

  1. troy evangelista said

    brod gud day!!!!

    Asa nato mabsahan Brod where did jesus when he was 13 years old.Kay naa sa bible mabasahan nato 12 years old pa siya unya mitungha 30 years old na, kron ang pangutana asa siya sa nag edad pa siya ug 13? Sa Juan 17:3 ang gipaila ni cristo mao ang matuod nga dios mao ang amahan,sa ato pa ang matuod nga Dios mao ang amahan dili si Cristo? ug moingon mo nga si Cristo nagpakatao aduna tay mabasahan sa Bible? according man gud sa Oseas 11:9 ang Dios dili mahimong tawo. Unsa may kamatuoran niani? Brod naglibog gyud ko anang 3 devine person in 1 god unsa mana siya pareha rana silag gahum?, diba sa Juan 14:28 nga ang dios labaw kay kang Cristo. Ug sa Juan 14:26 diba ang espirito ubos sa pagmando ni Cristo? please answer this because I really want to know more about my faith as a Roman Catholic…….thanks
    Archie Facultad

  2. troy evangelista said

    good day brod!!

    Brod aduna tay mabasashan sa gipadayag 13:16 adunay gihisgutang patik, pinaagi sa patik ang tawo paga ingnon sa kapungot sa Dios.Sa ato pa dili maluwas kung mapatikan sa tuong kamot ug sa agtang.Dilin ba mao ang gihisgutan mao ang pagpanguros? 2)Unsa man gyud diay si Cristo tawo ba o Dios? According man gud sa Juan 8:40 nga miingon siya, nganong nagtinguha man kamo sa pagpatay kanako, sa tawo nga nagsulti sa kamatuoran nga akong nadungog gikan sa Dios. 3)Brod sa mateo 23:9 nagaingon dinhi sa kalibotan ayaw kamo pagtawag ug amahan.Nganu sa atong mga pari nganung magpatawag man sila ug amahan o father? 4)Brod mabasahan nato sa 1corinto 11:4 nagaingon nga ang usa ka lalaki nga magpandong kon mag ampo o magwali sa mensahe sa Dios nagpakaulaw kang Cristo.Diba brod mao mani ang gibuhat sa atong Obispo ug sa Pope? Unsa mani brod?5)Brad sa 1Timoteo 4:1-2 nagaingon nga naggikan kining pagtulon an sa yawa nga gidili ang pagpaminyo ug pagkaon sa bisan unsang karne. Diba brod sa ato manang tinuhoan nga gidili ang pagpaminyo sa kaparian ug paggdili pagkaon sa mga karne panahon sa Semana Santa?

    Troy Evangelista Maguikay Mandaue City

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