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I am Catholic but because I am convinced

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on December 10, 2009

I am Catholic but because I am convinced

By: jeoff

I just happened to surf this site.I’m also a Catholic and believed that it is the true Church not because I was born a Catholic but because I am convinced.

The basis of catholic faith is the Holy bible and Holy Tradition(i.e.,teachings of the apostles, passed by word of mouth,from the earliest times up to now). Before the bible was written, there was already the tradition. Then they (the apostles and later their successors-you may search on the works of the fathers of the Church)thought that it would be better to write those teachings,so it won’t be forgotten..then came the bible.
And so, the answer to your question is YES…What the Church does (The Magisterium)is to expand those teachings (both in the bible and tradition).The Church does not make new doctrines.God’s revelation ended with the death of St. John The Apostle..And as Jesus promised, the Holy Spirit guides the Church so it won’t go astray from the teachings laid down by Christ.
Thank you.


7 Responses to “I am Catholic but because I am convinced”

  1. I’m afraid i have to agree with your belief that the catholic faith is biblical.

    I haven’t read from the Bible a single text suggesting or implying much more commanding that we keep Sunday as the day of worship.

    I am a Seventh-day Adventist, and forgive me for arguing with the Catholics in this matter. Unless the Bible clearly tells me that there is really a change in the 4th and the 3rd commandment, i will always be against your doctrine.

    We Seventh-day Adventist do not say that the Catholic Church is “the Mark of the Beast.” What we believe is that the system governing the Catholic Church is the Mark of the Beast. I think catholic members have to do a simple reasearch on what the Catholic Church has done in the past so as to realize that the church has killed a lot of Christians in the past.

    The Catholic faith has kept the Bible away from its members for many years. Your SYSTEM even managed to kill saints who kept the Bible. Now that most of the world has become skeptics to what the Christians teach, you tell your members to believe what the Bible say. Almost everybody doubts what the Bible teaches, because from the very beginning the catholic system has doubted its content and you even changed parts of the ten commandments “the Law of God” to fit to your established, man-made teachings.

    • Tim Staples wannabe said

      Where do these people get their history???
      Don’t they know that there wouldn’t be any bible AT ALL if the Catholic church had not produced it???
      And after the church had produced it, the church still had the problem of producing copies of it in a time where printing machines were not yet invented and so they gave the task to faithful anonymous catholic monks to handcopy the bible word for word…

      And for those who believe that the church kept the bible from its members; when the first printing press was invented by Johan Gutenberg the first book ever printed was a bible, but that’s not all, it was a CATHOLIC BIBLE that had 73 books(46 in the ot 27 in the nt) no priest, bishop not even the Pope stopped Guttenberg from prnting it, NOONE DID…

      But for arguments sake, let’s say that the church did keep it, SO WHAT? the majority of the people at that time don’t even know how to read. What’s the use of not keeping it? If the church did keep it, there was a good reason to keep it, because anyone is prone to thinking he was lead by the holy spirit, that’s what happened at the reformation(which should be appropriately called REBELLION) Martin Luther thought He was right on a lot of faith matters and his followers thought the same, until his other followers thought he was wrong and also though that they were the ones who were truly guided by the holy spirit and so they broke off from Martin Luther and started their own churches…

      And the same thing continues today with all new protestant churches being formed by people who think they were guided by the holy spirit…

      Today there are thousands of non-catholic Churches, they all disagree on a lot of faith issues, some churches say that contraception is not a sin, only the Catholic Church says it is a sin, which church is the bible referring to as the pillar and foundation of truth in 1 Timothy 3:15 if it is not the Catholic Church?


      • We are not against you on saying that the Bible was published by the Catholics. Indeed it was compiled by Holy Spirit inspired bishops who were used by God to transform HIS WORD into human language. But let me just emphasize that no human authority OWNS or has the copyright of the Bible, since even in the time of the physical Israel the old testament had already been used.

      • Christopher V Chan said

        Mr. Musico,
        The Church doesn’t promulgate any doctrines, instead the Church interprets the Bible. The Church never declared they own the Bible, but it’s just history speaks that the Bible was first compiled by the Catholic Church. Logically, “All that belongs to the Devil shall never stay for long”, but how old do you think our Church is? It’s true that there are Catholic leaders who scandalized the Church but how come the Church survived all these horrors that were brought upon her and is the biggest Church in the world? IT’S BECAUSE WE ARE GUIDED AND PROTECTED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! The Catholic Church doesn’t deny the corruptions that happened in the Church, we condemn what they did, even so, we are the OLDEST and BIGGEST Church in all Christendom. That “revolutionist” Luther brought upon the destruction of Christian unity, it was hoped that he could be of help reforming the Church but did he reform the Church? When the Church was reformed, did he return? NO!!! The followers of that heretical Arius even “persecuted” the Catholics who had no power and influence at all, but where are the Arians now? Just think about it, the Bible is the source and History is the evidence!!! We trust in the influence and greatness of the Holy Spirit that resides in the Catholic Church, the one true visible Church established by the Son of Man!!!

  2. Deraul said

    Hello I’m new in this site. What are the Holy traditions that the apostles held? I’m curious to know. I have listen to other religious groups and I never heard from them those Holy traditions in the bible.

  3. Bro Noel said

    To SDA? Do u have a baptized members on the 17th century? Published the name, names & documents to prove that.

  4. cednessfever said

    “And now I say to you: You are Peter and on this Rock I will build MY CHURCH; and the gates of HELL shall NEVER prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven: whatever you BIND on earth shall be BOUND in heaven, and what you unbind on earth shall be unbound in heaven.”

    Mt. 16: 18-19

    SDA people question the darkest times on the history of the Catholic Church. Yes, we agree that the Church was once on the dark times of its history. This is because the Catholic Church on earth is the “imperfect/militant church.” I don’t know if you’ll understand that since you are brain washed already. But in Sacred Theology and Ecclesiastical Studies, its how we call that: the MILITANT CHURCH. The Church will only be perfected on the second coming of Christ.

    Times have changed. Even the Catholic Church have changed, and have turned away from the dark times.

    And remember, the Catholic Church gave birth to the Bible that you are using today! The Bible did not give birth to any church!

    Anyway, I no longer want to argue with you non-catholics because I believe you have been brain washed by the false prophets you chose to follow. This will only be an endless discussion, with you trying to assume you know everything about the faith.

    If you believe in Sola Scriptura, why do you use the internet? There’s no “internet” in the bible! You people are defensive because you know within yourselves that you are actually moving against the one holy catholic and apostolic Church, the true Church of God.

    You Non-Catholics will never understand us, unless you give the ACTUAL chance to listen to the one true faith. And that means you not only listen because you want to argue, but because you want your heart to be filled with the holy Spirit. You will have to listen without any prejudice. AND DON’T PRETEND!


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