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Jesse Romero Triumphs – The Truth Shines

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on December 20, 2012

Jesse Romero Triumphs – The Truth Shines

By Bro. G-one TampipiPaisones


After the recent debate between the Roman Catholic apologist Jesse Romero and Jose Ventilacion of IglesianiCristo(Manalo); the truth shine its way to the top and easier to notice the biblical argument of brother Jesse Romero.  Brother Jesse Romero is far more eloquent and dynamic compared to that of any American apologist (both Catholic and Protestant) in dealing with the pound-4-pound king debater of Iglesiani Cristo – Mr. Jose Ventilacion!  Brother Romero had been knockout Mr. Ventilacion in the said debate using outstanding biblical and logical reasons.


The theme of the debate is “Which is the True Church?”  Brother Romero stand first the historical foundation of the Catholic Church; and during the cross examination he is able to answer the questions directly and honestly.  This debate also shown that Brother Romero is able to refute Mr. Ventilacion’s wiles and dirty tactics in using the Acts 15 as an instrument to destroy the Brother Romero’s stand – the Primacy of Peter; but the Acts 15 had been used by Brother Romero to provide further proof and support to the Primacy of Peter in explaining the Greek word for “judgment and opinion.”The debate also gives further notice that Mr. Jose Ventilacion does not answer the question responsively and directly but he simply implied misleading arguments that were easily noticeable.


The debate was sponsored by the Lumin Christi Men’s Bible Study Group located at Visalia, California, USA.  This debate is another collections of the Catholic versus IglesianiCristo(manalo) debates where the Iglesiani Cristo was unanimously and certainly knock-off!!!

Viva!!! Congratulation brother Jesse Romero!!!!!!!!! Halleluiah!!!Amen!!!




2 Responses to “Jesse Romero Triumphs – The Truth Shines”

  1. Let no one think that this Commandment entirely forbids the arts of painting, engraving or sculpture. The Scriptures inform us that God Himself commanded to be made images of Cherubim, and also the brazen serpent. The interpretation, therefore, at which we must arrive, is that images are prohibited only inasmuch as they are used as deities to receive adoration, and so to injure the true worship of God…. (brothers kindly helped me in interpreting these sentence of what would be the exact interpretation… I am a practical catholic from lapu-lapu city, cebu…, hoping for your kind consideration)

  2. engine - said

    the argument of the debater from the group named as the “church of christ” (iglesia ni cristo) is fallacious. he failed to support his premise by presenting historical facts to conclude that they are truly the church founded by christ. to simply bear the name “church of christ” does not prove at all that they are the true church founded by christ. any group could use the name but it cannot guarantee us that it is truly the church of christ.

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