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Boak, Slosson, Anderson, Bartlett and the Iglesia ni Cristo of Manalo

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on November 28, 2018

Boak, Slosson, Anderson, Bartlett and the Iglesia ni Cristo of Manalo

By Bro. G-one T. Paisones





Litrato ni Carmelo Striber.

Image Courtesy of Bro. Carmelo Striber



INC ministers often quoted the book of Boak, Slosson and Anderson entitled World History Volume 2 to support their claimed that the Philippines in the Far East mentioned in their doctrine.  In page 445 we can read that “The Philippines were Spain’s share of the first colonizing movement in the Far East; the name means the ‘islands of Philip’ and refers to that grim ruler, King Philip II.”  Does the author intend that the Far East would be the Philippines (even for the sake of argument that “Far East” is truly biblical in the sense of biblical accuracy)? The answer is obviously not!  The authors’ only outlines that ‘Philippines’ is one of the Far East, based on the reference point – the European nations (Spain, Purtugal, France, England, etc.); and not in the country of Israel which is also an Asian nation.

Litrato ni G-one Paisones.

Another book of Boak, Slosson and Anderson with the additional author Bartlett entitled The History of Our World, Page 597 which states that “In the peace which followed, the United States kept the Philippines, paying Spain 20 million dollars for them.  One reason for keeping the Philippines was the hope that they could be used to protect and promote our trade in the Far East.”  In this book; the Philippine also term Far East; yet again this reference point is not the nation of Israel but the United State of America.  Truly, this is substantial evidence that Boak et al., termed the Philippines as Far East cannot be used by the ministers of INC in the defense of their human made doctrine.

Litrato ni G-one Paisones.

Litrato ni G-one Paisones.


Were the members of the Church founded by Christ after the death of last Apostles John had been all wipe out as what the INC ministers tell you?  Let Boak, Slosson, Anderson and Bartlett answers you.  The History of Our World (by Boak, Slosson, Anderson and Bartlett), page 147 it state that “The early Christians were persecuted but NOT WIPED OUT.” (Emphasis added).  In the same book in page 148 we can read that “Meanwhile Christianity, despite persecutions, continued to spread. By about 300 A.D. perhaps a tent of all people in the Empire were Christians.”  And in the next paragraph on the same page it state that “So another great persecution in the early 300’s failed.”  And in the same page we can read that “Christianity became the official religion of the Empire” – after the conversion of Emperor Constantine and favored Christianity.  This Christianity is no other than the Roman Catholic Church.  And according to Boak et al., that Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity (Page 147).  Truly, the same favorite authors by the INC ministers tell us that the Church never wipe out!

Litrato ni G-one Paisones.

Litrato ni G-one Paisones.

Litrato ni G-one Paisones.

Litrato ni G-one Paisones.



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