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Grand Debate: Fr. Darwin Gitgano (Catholic) versus Mr. Ramil Parba (Iglesia ni Cristo) (Tagalog Sub)

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on August 16, 2018

This is the first proposition of the GRAND DEBATE of Fr. Darwin Gitgano vs. Mr. Ramil Parba of Iglesia ni Cristo last June 23, 2017 at Loon, Bohol Philippines.

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CFD (Ryan Mejillano) vs Kinawawang INC (Julius Cutin)

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on November 17, 2012

CFD (Ryan Mejillano) vs Kinawawang INC (Julius Cutin)

Tingnan po naman ninyo ang isa nanamang kinawawang Ministro ng INC-Manalo laban sa ating kapatid na si Bro. Ryan Mejillano ng Catholic Faith Defenders.
This four-part video is the supposed discussion turned debate between CFD Bro. Ryan and Minister Julius Cutin of INC(Manalo), Locale of Mintal, District of Davao. It was initiated by the INC (of Manalo) to trap Bro. Ryan thinking that the latter was just a petty and mediocre Catholic Christian. This happened at the residence of an INC member who was very desiroua few months before to engage Bro. Ryan in a debate with another INC (of Manalo) Minister.

Please notice the difference between a Catholic Christian and Iglesia Ni Cristo (Ni Manalo). Notice how an INC Minister delivers his part, his speeches, how he evades from the main topic that was agreed, how he first use foul words from the start to the end of these four videos.

Enjoy and reflect.

Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis.

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Catholic Faith Defender’s Debater of the Year 2010

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on August 19, 2010

Catholic Faith Defender’s Debater of the Year 2010

By: Bro. G-one T. Paisones

After the devastating defeat of the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Pastor Christopher Luaya by our own member of the company of Catholic Faith Defenders; brother Septofel Apurado.   Septofel Apurado uses his eloquence techniques in rhetorical argumentation and debate; and his competency and equips knowledge with the True teaching of the Bible, had been able to prove the said proposition vocally and amazingly.

For these reasons, we the Catholic Faith Defenders awarded this prestigious award to Septofel Apurado as Catholic Faith Defender’s Debater of the Year 2010!!!!

Bro. Septofel Apurado C.F.D.

Bro. Septofel Apurado C.F.D.

Pastor Christopher Luaya

Cross Examination

Bro.  Septofel Apurado

Catholic Faith Defender’s Debater of the Year 2010

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