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Posted by catholicfaithdefender on April 28, 2009


Posted By: Bro.Ryan and Sis. Grace

How do we know which the one true church establishes by the Church?

1. By the marks of the church we mean certain clear signs by which all me can recognize it as the true church founded by Jesus Christ.

2.  It is important that we know which is the church established by Christ, in order that we may obey it, as God commands. Then shall we also be certain what to believe and do in order to be saved.

3. The true Church must be that which Christ personally founded, and the apostles propagated. It must have existed continuously since the time of Christ. It must teach in their entirely all the doctrines commanded by the Divine Founder while He was still on earth; and all its members must profess those fundamental doctrines.

4. The True Church must be a visible organization, discernable and discoverable, evidently existing, with clear marks or signs distinguishing it as the Church of Christ.

The chief marks of the Church:

One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic


1. Christ intended His church to be one; therefore the true Church must be one. (Mark 3:24)


2. Christ intended His Church to be Holy ;( John 17:17-19)


3. Christ intended His Church to be universal, that is Catholic; and therefore the True Church must be Universal Catholic.(Matt.18:19)


4. Christ intended His Church to be propagated by His Apostles. (Matt.16:18)

We Prove that the True Church of Christ-is the Catholic Church Because:

1.Only the Catholic Church possesses the marks of the Church established by Christ. That is, Unity, Holiness, Catholicity and Apostolicity.

2.only the Catholic Church throughout its history gives evidence of miraculous strength, permanence, and unchangeableness in its doctrine.

3. Only the Catholic Church has proved itself indestructible for almost two thousand years.  Against  every variety and number of formidable enemies.

4. Only the Catholic Church suffered from persecution and outside attacks and from schism and heresy within its ranks, yet still lives after 2,000 years.

5. Only the Catholic Church has proved itself an exception to the law of decay and death. It has watched the birth and decay of every government on earth for almost two thousand years. In spite  of corruption and persecution, in spite of the combined forces of error and evil, after every attack the Catholic Church rises as the Bride of Christ, ever fresh and fair.

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