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JOHN. 8:32 “et cognoscetis veritatem et veritas liberabit vos”

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History of Catholic Faith Defender

Posted by catholicfaithdefender on March 3, 2009

History of Catholic Faith Defender

God, according to his own purpose is “involved and included in history.” It is confusing in the minds of men, but as we are believers who has firm faith, we can really say that, God is very kind and good to his people. Those who has faith, must abide by the saying of the Holy Scriptures, (The Book of) Wisdom 8:8 “He knows the miracle which God has created and the events that will happen in history.”

Inspired with the gospel of St. John 8:32 “et cognoscetis veritatem et veritas liberabit vos” which is translated in English as, “And you shall know the truth: and the truth shall make you free.”[1]

This humble group originated in Cebu, Philippines also known as CFD[2] defends the truth and the Catholic Doctrines that had been mock and questions by other religions or sects.

Early History


In Cebu, Aglipayano (Aglipayo) were very active in their work; very diligent in setting up an Organization at the same time very enthusiastic in attacking the Catholic doctrines specially and particularly the Pope.
The protestant missionaries who lived right in areas such as San Isidro Talisay, Banawa and the neighboring areas are also active. They make friendship, helps people in their material needs and part of their process were more insults and assaults against the Catholic Doctrine, most specially to the Virgin Mary, the apostles traditions, the images and the feast of Saints.


At the Parish of San Nicolas in Cebu; there were religious laymen that rarely converge with their monastic priests friends and discussed about the other religions who were busy on mocking and attacking the Catholic Church . The priests was also very wellversed in responding and answering the great questions of laymen and Fr. Undoy Reynes enjoyed so much in answering their questions using the Bible with a thorough explanation. At that time, Fr. Reynes was considered (by them) as the father of the earlier Almanac Book (A guide book regarding what name or unique name should be given to a new born based on the in Year, Day and date of birth of the child).
Momentarily Mr. Peter Cabaluna showed up, he is actually studying the Bible in his own effort alone. In his time, he is known to be called as “The Walking BIBLE”. He then created a group in San Nicolas parish who were defending the Catholic Faith/Doctrine. In defending the real Church, he received a commendation from the Pope, the “Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice.”


After the second world war, at Parish of Virgen de la Regla (Virgin of the Rule) in the city of Lapu-lapu, Mr. Mundo Reuma came out from Hilonggos Leyte; a candle maker of priest in Opon (also known as Lapu-lapu City). He is only a mean educated man but a brilliant minded person who was known as a theologian of laymen at that time.
He knows many Catholic doctrines and the Bible along with Martin and Domingo Berido brothers who were purely religious. They were known as the assistants or rendering support to Fr. Gerald Trenekeins, MSC and other earlier priest in Lapu-lapu City (Opon) in explaining the Catholic doctrines. Laymen frequently come and approach them specially in finding answers to the attacks made by other religions regarding the Christian Doctrines. Mr. Mundo and Mr. Martin too received honors from the Pope.


At Santo Rosario Parish Church, there were laymen that really enjoying in debate about religion in the rectory. Guided by Mons. Esteban Montecillo who died at age of 100,tThey were (sharing and) exchanging their interpretation and wisdom with regards to the Bible, where the kind priest also enjoyed the debate sessions of the laymen, but ultimately they still listened to the explanation of the priests and his interpretation of the Bible. They established the “Catholic Faith Defender.”


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